Participants of everyone , AWS Korea of everyone , KRUG…

Participants of everyone , AWS Korea of everyone , KRUG of everyone , thank you very very much!!

KRUG was cheers for good work of everyone for two days.
Members of JAWSUG safely returned to home.

Speech of KRUG became exciting and that was a very good learning experience for us.
In addition we was very happy listening seriously to our speech and recieving a lot of feedback.
It became a great event for each other .

As it is no border between us , let’s also a lot of exchanges in the near future!!

9 thoughts on “Participants of everyone , AWS Korea of everyone , KRUG…

  1. Hello~ I visited the meetup during my vacation in Korea. I really learned a lot from the sessions and was glad to see everyone united despite of the tragic history between the two nations. I believe that both countries have a lot to learn/share each other with cultural & linguistic similarities and I wish this meetup could be a great first step forward toward the better friendship of two countries through technology. I honestly don’t have much experience about AWS and I was afraid to talk to the AWS experts and getting destroyed from my lack of knowledge. I hope I get more exposure on the platform so that I can talk to everyone with confidence in the future. Thanks for the great talks & presentations! Let’s go AWSKRUG & JAWSUG! 🙂
    안녕하세요~ 휴가 중 시간이 맞아 행사에 참석하게 되었다가 AWS의 참매력에 빠지게 되었습니다. 생각보다 훨씬 많은 기능에 놀랐고 일본,한국 양국 오래된 아픈 역사에도 불구하고 기술로 하나되는 자리 만들어주신 점 감사드립니다. 사실 일천한 AWS경험에 괜히 밑천이 들어나는게 아닐까 싶어 다른분들과 네트워킹하고 싶다가도 망설여지더군요.. 다음엔 좀더 공부해서 애기 나누는데 문제없었음 합니다. AWSKRUG & JAWSUG 화이팅!!! 🙂

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